January 9, 2024

Take the Mountain

Pastor Aaron

A national champion was crowned on Monday, congratulations to Michigan. That win was not isolated but was the culmination of months, if not years, worth of hard work and persistence.  Regardless of your impression or conclusion concerning Jim Harbaugh, the team that won the title didn’t just show up one day.
  • Did it begin in August?
  • Did it begin in Spring Training?
  • Did it begin after the TCU loss last season?
Let’s just say it didn’t begin at the coin toss on Monday. The goals you set right now are likely not going to be seen tomorrow or the next.  The best goals are ones that scare you. These are the goals that seem too audacious. These goals cause questions, create struggles, and demand choices.

Taking the mountain is about setting your sights on something and seeking to achieve it. I have had two long-term items in my goal bucket – a doctorate and a book. In 2023, as you know, I achieved my educational goal of a doctorate. It took years before I was able to actually and start it.  More than once, I researched costs and requirements. Usually one or the other precluded me from starting the process.  It was still in the goal bucket! I started to believe that it would never happen and I would have to be satisfied with what I already had.
A second goal of mine has been to write a book. I have started many but only finished one. One book I started was about team-based ministry. One book examined our spiritual gifting and abilities from a different angle.  I have grown tired of the “spiritual gifts test” approach.  I taught it as a class but never finished the book. There have been others. By the end of the month or first of next, this goal journey will come to an end as I will be a published author of a book!

I do not write these things to brag, but to remind us all that some goals take a long time to reach but they are nonetheless worthy of your time and attention.

Our church has set 3 goals for 2024
  • To see 12 people baptized.
  • To see 50% of our worship attendance involved in intentional discipleship.
  • To see 50% of our worship attendance involved in community engagement ministries.

Let’s take that mountain together!