Our vision is for 6 years from now. Yet, the next four years is very important.

Beyond the Horizon

In 6 years, FBC will have flooded our region like a river overflowing it banks. We will have expanded into 2 services with plans for our new worship center. Our connections with the community have strengthened the schools and families. As such, we are a provider of options to our community. Our people are invested moving from the 10/90 rule to 50/70. Finally, our fully developed family ministry invests in parent equipping, family education, after school programs ad mentoring to keep everyone spiritually engaged.

4 Mountaintops

1. Financial Stability
2. Consumer  Contributor
3. Development
4. Staffing

2019 Main Thing – We will manage the infrastructure needs of our church plant and people.


Quarterly Milestones

EOY 18 Emotional – Embrace the Vision
Q1 19 Physical – Complete room reassignment
Q2 19 Financial – We will have met/exceeded budget for 6 months allowing for reallocations
Q3 19 Spiritual – We will have 4 D-Groups meeting weekly
Q4 19 Involvement – spiritual gifts and service opps