We believe it is important to be up front about our beliefs so that we can better serve and minister to you. 

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Our Beliefs

At First Baptist Church, we feel it is important that others know what we believe as a church. These beliefs are fundamental to every ministry activity in which our members participate.
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Our Mission

To connect people to Jesus and one another.

Our Strategy

  • Generate interest with those who are uninterested or unengaged.
  • Gather together for worship and fellowship.
  • Group together for Bible Study with 10-12 other people.
  • Grow through a personal, accountable, and dedicated group of 3-5 people for 12-18 months.
  • Go serve with another small group of 3-5 people.

Our Vision

I look out in the not so distant future and I see a community transformed. Like a river that overflows its banks after a long rain so will we be as we take the gospel outside of these walls. I see a flood of love and hope and peace from the Gospel saturating the families of our time that will shake the world in their time. As a result of this watering the soil of our community will produce a harvest of souls like we have not seen. FBC will be a leader in baptisms because of the gospel she gives away. FBC will see the campus expand to support the spiritual development necessary for a growing and dynamic moment. This overflow will affect us all as we grow more generous, which will eradicate debt and provide for the dreams we share today.
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Our Values

  • Relationships
  • Community Engagement
  • Development
  • Diversity

Our Affiliations

First Baptist Church chooses to relate to several different denominational and ministry groups. As Southern Baptists we believe we can do more cooperating together than we can as an individual church. Our church has also supported other significant ministries in the Crowley area. We join other churches in our area to help minister to human needs. Here, you will find the list and descriptions of our denominational affiliations as well as our Crowley area ministries we support.

The Tarrant Baptist Association includes all the churches in Tarrant county who cooperate to do ministry, mission, and church-planting all over Tarrant County.

The Baptist General Convention of Texas is comprised of about 6,000 churches all across our state that cooperate to support state Baptist universities, church-planting, Baptist health care facilities, Buckner benevolence and orphan homes, and many more incredible works. We also promote and publicize the Mary Hill Davis offering which supports mission work throughout our state. 100% of this offering is used for this purpose.

The Southern Baptist Convention involves about 30,000 churches all over the Unites States that cooperate together to plant churches, support six seminaries, and do other great work. Our church promotes and supports both the Lottie Moon Christmas offering for foreign missions as well as the Annie Armstrong Easter offering for North American missions.

The House of Hope is a Crowley ministry which helps needy people with both food and clothing. Our church as well as other churches in Crowley supports this ministry to the human needs of the people in our city. Our church also has many volunteers who work each week in the House of Hope.

The Burleson Pregnancy Aid Center assists and counsels pregnant teens with their life choices. This center supports the right to life. Our church supports them financially and also with needed items for young mothers.

Our History

First Baptist Church of Crowley marked her 100 years as a congregation of Christians in August 1996. Under our Lord’s leadership, men and women joined together to form a church in Southern Tarrant County in 1896. As the members of First Baptist Church celebrated a century of the wonderful work of our Lord, the church continues to minister in her 100 plus years with a vision of developing godly generations for the glory of God. The Lord has strategically located and gifted the church to minister to every generation from the youngest preschoolers through the eldest seniors. Our prayer for our 100 plus years asks God to bless His people with a genuine, deeply spiritual revival that will have a lasting and powerful effect well into our second century of service for our Lord. The history of our church is the story of generations of believers who have loved Jesus and sought to serve Him. We must continue to do so.
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