Stage 4 in our development pathway is GROW! Once you have made the commitment to be a part of our family and have become a part of a small group, we encourage you to get in a GROW group. We believe in you. We believe our responsibility is to help you develop spiritually.

Growth happens in a small, accountable, Bible-centered, and prayer-focused groups. These are gender-specific groups of 4-6 people that meet weekly for 12-18 months. At the end you are encouraged to GO be a guide for another group.

What is involved? How does it work? Each week your group will meet for 60-75 minutes. In each meeting you will work through the following:

  1. What has God been telling you from the scriptures this week? (HEAR Journals)
    2. How will you apply that in your life?
    3. State your memory verse.
    4. Pray over the needs in the group.