Stage 5 is about developing you as a servant-leader in church. You are probably already a Grow Guide. As God has strengthened you, He has plans for you as you serve Him and the Kingdom. We are using a series of assessments to better determine the best spot for you – the sweet spot!

If you play golf, there is a spot on every club that hits the ball perfectly. This is known as the sweet spot. It is our deepest desire to help you find that spot. When you serve God from your sweet spot you have greater joy, deeper satisfaction, and lasting peace. Who doesn’t want that? Of course you do! So do we! Let us help you.

What gifts has God given me?

This assessment will help you determine how God has gifted you spiritually. Once you finish, the results will be recorded so we can assist you in serving God in the best place. Once we have received this email, we will contact you to move further in the discovery process.