Warrior - The Day the Unlikely Became a Hero

August 18, 2019
Aaron Summers      
Joshua 16
Do you ever feel trapped or overwhelmed? Maybe you feel like your past is too much to allow for joy today. in "The Day an Unlikely Person Became a Hero" Pastor Aaron addresses these issues and more. There is hope. Join us in Judges 16.

Warrior – The Day the Odds Were Stacked Against You

August 11, 2019
Aaron Summers
Judges 7
Have you ever felt the odds were stacked against you? Join Pastor Aaron as we take a look at Gideon in Judges 7. Just when you thought your situation was impossible, God steps in!

Warrior – The Day the Line Was Drawn

August 4, 2019
Aaron Summers
Judges 4
The day the line was drawn is a message concerning making a choice; about being courageous. Join Pastor Aaron in Judges 4 as we take a look at an unlikely hero. It could be you!

Warrior Series – The Day the Rules Changed

July 28, 2019
Aaron Summers
Joshua 6
The day the rules changed. Have you eve had one of those days? Are you prepared for changes happening all around you? Join Pastor Aaron in Joshua 6 and discover what it takes to be a warrior during times of change.

Warrior – The Day Overwatch Needed Help

July 14th, 2019
Aaron Summers
Exodus 17:8-16
The warrior of God is sometimes called upon to take on large tasks, but you cannot do them on your own. Being a warrior for God means that we must know our limits and the skills of others. Are you prepared to ask for help? Join Pastor Aaron in Exodus 17.