Warrior – The Day the Odds Were Stacked Against You

August 11, 2019
Aaron Summers
Judges 7
Have you ever felt the odds were stacked against you? Join Pastor Aaron as we take a look at Gideon in Judges 7. Just when you thought your situation was impossible, God steps in!

Warrior – The Day the Line Was Drawn

August 4, 2019
Aaron Summers
Judges 4
The day the line was drawn is a message concerning making a choice; about being courageous. Join Pastor Aaron in Judges 4 as we take a look at an unlikely hero. It could be you!

Warrior Series – The Day the Rules Changed

July 28, 2019
Aaron Summers
Joshua 6
The day the rules changed. Have you eve had one of those days? Are you prepared for changes happening all around you? Join Pastor Aaron in Joshua 6 and discover what it takes to be a warrior during times of change.

Warrior – The Day Overwatch Needed Help

July 14th, 2019
Aaron Summers
Exodus 17:8-16
The warrior of God is sometimes called upon to take on large tasks, but you cannot do them on your own. Being a warrior for God means that we must know our limits and the skills of others. Are you prepared to ask for help? Join Pastor Aaron in Exodus 17.