The Greatest Show: Equity

January 20, 2019
Pastor Aaron Summers
Humans make an assessment within 7 seconds of meeting someone. How can that affect your jobs, your life, and church? Join Pastor Aaron in James 2 as he unpacks this passage of Scripture.

The Greatest Show: Engagement

January 13, 2019
Pastor Aaron Summers
Have you ever considered how your relationships could be better? How could your work be better? How about your friendships? Pastor Aaron teaches from James 1:19-27. When we engage God's Word better we can engage our world better!

The Greatest Show: Endurance

January 6, 2019
Pastor Aaron Summers
We are starting a new series through the Book of James today. In this session, Pastor Aaron reminds us that endurance is more than getting through something. Endurance is there so we can show the Gospel. How do we do this? Join us as we find out together from James 1:2-18.