But God…

July 21, 2019
Guest Speaker: Keith Warren
Romans 5:8

Change is Dangerous. Handle with Care!

May 19, 2019
Pastor Aaron Summers
Josh 1:1-9
We all face life events that will forever alter our lives: graduation, marriage, kids, houses, retirement, or death. How can we face these stressful times with grace and strength? Join Pastor Aaron for an exciting review of Joshua 1:1-9. Our God is able. Our God is available. Will you believe?

Dare to Dream

December 30, 2018
Pastor Aaron Summers
In this end of the year message, Pastor Aaron reminds us that we can be a church or fear or of faith as we transition into a new year. Because of the Holy Spirit, we have the power. Let us match the passion to walk boldly with our God!

Why Do We Go On Mission?

December 2, 2018
Pastor Aaron Summers
Join Pastor Aaron in Isaiah 6 as we take a look at 4 reasons to go on mission. You will be inspired and encouraged.