Reflect - Moving from Swerving to Serving

October 13, 2019
Aaron Summers      
Phil 2:19-30
When you are asked to do something, how do you respond? Today, Pastor Aaron speaks about serving like Jesus. We tend to swerve out of the way but we are reminded that we are to serve, not swerve. Join us in Philippians 2:19-30

Reflect 2

October 6, 2019
Aaron Summers      
Phil 2:12-18
Breathing is a natural act! We do it without thinking. In the same way, our actions should be reflecting Jesus. Join Pastor Aaron in Philippians 2 as we look at how to move from a long memory and short view to a short memory and long view.

Reflect – Who’s Staring Back at You?

September 29, 2019
Aaron Summers      
Phil 2:1-11
What would happen if you looked in the mirror and the REAL you looked back? What if your thoughts and true feelings were displayed? Join Pastor Aaron in Philippians 2 as we discuss whether or not we reflect Christ or something else.