kenKen Bullock, Minister of Education, retired in 2004 after thirty-five years of employment at Frito-Lay. He came on the First Baptist Staff in September 2005.
Ken's background in Christian service is spread over five decades and three Baptist churches. He has been a Sunday School teacher, department director, division director, and Sunday School director, and presently Education Minister.
Ken is married to Tish, his best friend and greatest encourager. They enjoy and share in the lives of their seven children. eleven grandchildren and one great-gradchild.
Ken is convinced every believer has a spiritual gift which should be used in service to God. His greatest joy is helping Christians discover and develop their gifts. He enjoys providing opportunities for people to use them in ways that honor God and fulfills His purpose for their lives.
What hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?
Tish says that church has always been my hobby, so I guess I am doing what I love best all of the time.
What are your favorite foods?
I enjoy simple foods like cornbread and beans, stew, chili, homemade biscuits with butter and cane syrup, hot sauce and peppers on everything.
What TV shows can you not survive without seeing?
I watch Ranger's Baseball and channel surf.
What are your favorite books?
I enjoy reading for information, either history or how to do something.
If you could travel, where would you go?
I would "see Texas first". Ireland is on the list after that and then Rome.
What are you passionate about in ministry?
As I said above, I love helping people find a place of service where they can practice their spiritual gifts.

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