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Kids Hope USA
Our church is partnered with Bess Race Elementary in Crowley ISD. We have 15 mentors going into the school every week to meet with the children. What a wonderful chance we have to share the love of God! The opportunity is vast. The need is great. The idea is simple. One Child, One Hour, One Church, One School. You could be the one.
What Is Kids Hope USA?
One Child
"How many other children do you see at my school?" This is a question most KHUSA mentors hear from their kids. It demonstrates the desperate longing of America's at-risk children to be the "one-and-only" in the life of a caring adult. Can you hear them? "I need a friend who knows my name, will read to me, hold my hand when we're together, and laugh with me. I need a friend who won't let me down and will help me with my school work. A friend who will be there just for me." This need for love can only be met one child at a time. Help us tell each pleading child, "I'm here now-just for you."

One Hour
What is an hour worth? One educator seems to think an hour is worth a lot. She said, "given the choice between $100,000 for instructional material or the love of KIDS HOPE USA mentors, I would choose the love." One hour a week, every week, is the most important hour many of these kids have. That's why some kids have been known to come to school sick on their KHUSA day because they don't want to miss this One Hour.

One Church
"I want to make a difference but I don't know how." This is the deep longing of many church members today. They already have exactly what their neighborhoods need the most: love. All they lack is an organized system to train and sustain them for this important partnership with their neighborhood schools. KIDS HOPE USA taps into the motives, means, and commitment of churches to love the children. And KIDS HOPE USA churches already active in their neighborhood schools are proving their faithfulness as mentors and behind-the-scenes prayer partners in the lives of children while fully respecting the separation of church and state.

One School
If there is anyone who realizes the overwhelming need to really love these kids it is their teachers. They see how each child responds to the particular voids in their lives and how such voids erode hope for the future. Research has shown that some of these children are even physiologically incapable of learning until emotional and external environmental issues are resolved. Fully capable of meeting these needs, KIDS HOPE USA mentors are now being sought by principals and teachers alike as an effective, proven intervention. One which restores self-confidence and personal security, encourages academic excellence and costs the school absolutely nothing!