Will you trust God in spite of your past?

November 11, 2018
Pastor Aaron Summers
Pastor Aaron uses Exodus 3-4 to help us understand that our excuses for not following God's call are usually based on fear. Do you often say "I couldn't" or "I shouldn't" or "I can't or maybe "I won't"? You will want to watch this video.

Jump! Will You Trust God When It Costs You?

November 4, 2018
Pastor Aaron Summers
Will we JUMP when we don't know why? Can we trust God without the details? Today Pastor Aaron shares personal stories and Genesis 39 to help us with our trust issues.


October 28, 2018
Pastor Aaron Summers
Will you trust God when you don't know where He is taking you? Pastor Aaron uses the call of Abram in Genesis 12 to help us reflect on this question.