Drive – The Hand-Off

September 22, 2019
Aaron Summers      
Phil 1:21-30
In this 3rd and final message in the Drive Series, Pastor Aaron discusses the benefits of handing off your "keys" to let Jesus do the driving. Join him in Philippians 1:21-30.

Dreaming through the Delays and Detours

September 15, 2019
Aaron Summers      
Philippians 1:12-20
In this 2nd of 3 messages in the DRIVE series, Pastor Aaron examines Philippians 1:12-20 and the difference in driving and riding. When we drive we can surrender to our surroundings or collapse under criticism. When we let Jesus drive we move from crisis to confidence and retreat to rejoice. Are you driving or dreaming?

Drive – Where Are You Headed Today?

September 8, 2019
Aaron Summers      
Phil 1:1-11
Do you ever feel out of control? For many of us this is quite stressful! What happens when we aren’t the one driving our lives? You see, all of us have this inner drive to something, for something, and with something. While you may think you’re in control, you’re really not. Who, or what, is in your driver’s seat because the driver determines your destination. Where are you headed today?